Community Emergency Response Team
Polk County, Oregon

Happy Summer, 2014!

Do you have what it takes to be a Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, Law Enforcement Officer, Search and Rescue Member or Disaster Relief Worker? This is your chance to explore those callings. Through our Basic Skills Academy you will learn ways to support those responder roles and find opportunities to put those skills to the test.

Starting January of 2014 we are bringing deliveries of the courses listed in the right to communities across Oregon. You can find out more about these courses by choosing that tab above. We believe the solution to challenging economic times is cross-program mentorship and resource networking. Preparedness discussions at the local, county and state levels allow us to better identify areas where we can effect positive change. From hosting social networking sites where programs across the state share ideas and resources to encouraging our schools to create faculty, staff and Teen CERT Teams. Our Leadership Corp is active, proactive, and visible.

I have been a part of this program since 2003, working my way through the ranks as a Team Member, Team Lead, Trainer, and currently serve as the Program Coordinator and Course Manager. However you choose to serve in this program, I'm confident that you will find your experience to be a truly rewarding one.

Kimber Townsend
Program & Training Coordinator, Polk County CERT

SAFER Program
Seniors with Animals: Focused Emergency Response

Upcoming Courses:

Basic CERT
October 4th, 11th & 18th in Polk County, OR.
September 8th - 10 in Fossil, OR.

CERT Program Manager
June 20th - 22nd in Albany, OR.

Train the Trainer (TTT)
July 18th, 19th and 20th in Tillamook, OR
September 11th - 13th in Fossil OR.

CERT Tools for Leadership Success
September 27th in Polk County, OR.

Registration and Questions, Please Contact: